Sunday, January 18, 2015

Yes, the BATFEIEIO is full of shit

Yes, they do this crap because they know with Holder and Obama around, almost no way they'll be held to account.*

Find an actual conservative/libertarian type being elected to the top office, you'll probably see a bunch of these clowns retiring or 'accepting an offer' from somewhere; the won't want to be around when a serious investigation starts.

You can get into some serious argument on the idea of not using the sights in a defensive situation, which I find troubling for precisely this reason:
So, that brings us to the 800# gorilla in the room: most people won’t focus on their sights under stress. It’s something we all know (often from personal experience simply doing stressful practice drills) but many “serious” shooters want to ignore. We’ve all been taught “front sight, trigger press” as a mantra and it’s essentially a sin to do otherwise.

Reality, however, is different. Many folks simply don’t want to accept it.
Dad spent a long time in a LE agency, and for a looong time part of their qualification was pretty much based on the Bill Jordan method: Up close, hipshoot; as distance increases, get it out in front so you can see it for better accuracy.  He did the real close stuff one-handed, the agency Dad worked for stressed using both hands unless there's some reason you can't, like being REAL close.  It worked.

Real reason the CDC hasn't been willing to start more 'public-safety gun research': there are people in Congress who, when whined to that "We need more money!", will ask why they spent 'X' amount playing SJW on firearms when they were supposedly short on money for work on actual diseases?  And they don't have real good answers.

The mayor of DC is a slimy bastard; you expect anything more?

*Also, the leadership of the Stupid Party doesn't have the balls or will to seriously go after them, still.  And most of the Evil Party leadership likes them doing it.

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markm said...

I'm very surprised to find myself in this position, but - don't blame the ATF for the absurd pistol arm brace ruling, blame Congress (every one of them since 1934) for giving the ATF the job of enforcing an absurd law. The law neither allows the ATF to ban an attachment that is explicitly _not_ designed as a shoulder stock for handgun, nor allows them to ignore people who use it that way.