Monday, January 19, 2015

"Nobody wants to take your guns, you wingnut!"

My ass, they don't.
An advisory panel charged with looking at public safety in the wake of the deadly Newtown school shooting agreed Friday to include in its final report a recommendation to ban the sale and possession of any gun that can fire more than 10 rounds without reloading.
Let's see, just how many rifles, shotguns and handguns does that cover?  Don't forget that wording 'that CAN fire'; that means anything that ever in any way could be able to fire ten or more.  So if your shotgun can take an extension tube, say goodbye.  ANYTHING capable of holding a detachable magazine is gone.  Hell, there are antique revolvers that could be banned.

But the ignorant and the liars will keep insisting that 'Nobody wants to do that!'

Reminds me of someone here a few years back that had a column in a weekly paper who started a column with "Look, this is not about taking your guns, so stop worrying about that" and the second paragraph was "Except the assault weapons, THOSE have got to go!"


AndyN said...

Let's not forget the Girandoni air rifle like the one that Lewis and Clark had as a deck gun. That fed from a 20 round hopper.

I was going to say that these fascists want to roll back 235 years of history, but that's probably not true. They're probably just not intelligent or educated enough to realize the scope of what they're trying to ban.

Firehand said...

Actually, I think it is true; I think those who have some familiarity with firearms have coached them on the way to get rid of as many as possible.