Friday, January 23, 2015

Much like the 'Free speech is properly policed and controlled speech' piece,

you really want this to be satire or trolling, but.  Very short version: "Equal treatment sucks, we need BETTER treatment!  Otherwise patriarchy wins!" 
Women who are being annoyed and oppressed by men are being the first to initiate physical confrontations often kicking and punching their male abusers, but a worrying trend is that men are fighting back or as some misogynist say ‘defending themselves’
Men who practice feminism have started to treat women with equality when it comes to fights and although there are many laws that punish a man for doing it they are still doing it.

But what worries feminist the most is the reaction on the internet, videos of women attacking men and then getting knocked out or ‘ass handed to them’ when the men fight back is being applauded and praised by a very large majority of internet users. One person whose attention this has caught is Catherine Cockburn the Toronto Womyns officer.
“It is just one of the by-products of living in a post-feminist society, if you are a woman and want to hit a man, make sure he is not a feminist because than he is more likely to treat you like an equal which will result in you being hit back.”

I can't decide whether to laugh my ass off at a fine demonstration of Unintended Consequences, or horrified at the level of stupid in this.

Jessica Valenti American blogger and feminist writer, known for having founded the feminist blog Feministing in 2004 claimed that the patriarchy is using equality to oppress women.
“Now we need a new wave of feminism to be more equal than men, I mean recently I saw this video on YouTube with over one million views and a way more likes than dislikes, at first I thought it was no big deal as the man was hiding in a store and defending himself from what I presumed from an aggressive man that was hitting him but then I saw it was a woman that was hitting him and I was terrified at how he violently abused her and literally threw her into a glass window shattering it or ‘defended himself’ as a rape apologist would put it as

Got that?  Now equality is supposed to mean "We can be violent to you, but you can't dare be violent back!  That's oppression and patriarchy and bad stuff!  We're supposed to be treated BETTER than you, THAT'S equality!"

Last piece I want to quote:
The African-American community since being liberated by women’s suffrage has had a serious case of fatherless families or matriarchy this has resulted in black men not being educated by a fatherly figure in chivalry and feminist ideals have had to fill in the gap.
Roll the many flavors of irony in this around, savor the idiocy involved.  They insisted fathers aren't important, they're disposable, but they're supposed  to somehow 'educate the boys in chivalry'.  A concept these feminists have displayed nothing but contempt for and rage at, but now they're unhappy because it's not there.

Of course, they ignore the fact that chivalry was a two-way street, a part for men AND women, because that doesn't fit their desires.  But now, as a one-way "Women can do anything without consequence" idea, they want it taught.  By the males they still insist really don't matter, except when they do, and that's only when and how we desire...

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Sigivald said...

I'm 99% sure The Water Pipe is satire or a troll, from past experience.