Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Some more plated bullet test results

Under the heading of "Why hadn't I already done this?" was a comment that asked "How do these work in .303?"  Well, now I have an idea

X-Treme 7.62 plated bullet, 123 grains, over 15.0 of 2400 powder, fired from a #4Mk1.  This is definitely a 'Make some more for when can get to the outdoor range', so can try them at 50 and 100 yards from a solid rest.

First was low.   WAAAY low; using the large 300-yard aperture it hit below the bottom of the outer ring, so flipped up the ladder and cranked it to 500.  Which will probably, if past experience is any guide, put these pretty much on at 100.

And, in another test
.30-30 with same bullet over 9.0 grains Unique, bullet seated to an OAL of 2.58".  These hit low too, but in this case didn't want to screw with the sight, that'll wait till later.

When I can try them at the other range, I'll try to get chrono readings, too.

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