Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tab clearing: "Enemies list? Shut up. That was a staffer.

Nobody knew anything about it."

Yeah, just the sort you'd want teaching your kid.
If you were Nation of Islam, anyway.

Rep. elect Mia Love.  Gets by because of white privilege...
No, these idiots aren't kidding.

Ontario Provincial Police want people to get a internet license, get rid of that troublesome anonymity thing.  I think they should have their badges and toys taken away from them.

'Higher' Education in Illinois.  We'll probably find out he's a good friend of the Presidents' friend Bill Ayers.

And right across that border we're not supposed to worry about, politicians and cops and cartels, murdering shitbags all.

And more of what 'higher' education has become: oversensitive whiny grievance-mongers who really don't like free speech.  Or intelligent speech for that matter.

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markm said...

If Mia Love, the daughter of two black Haitian immigrants, isn't culturally black enough, how about the son of a Kenyan and a white hippie chick?