Friday, November 14, 2014

I've got two questions for Napolitano

Lynch is sure to be confirmed by either the present Democratic-controlled Senate this fall or by the newly constituted Republican-controlled Senate early next year—and she should be.
Why?  Because President Lightbringer wants her, and that overrides all else?  Bullshit.

... If she agrees that the Constitution is not a neutral instrument as between the people and the government because it was written to keep the government off our backs, she will be an antidote to Obama's law breaking.

But I think I may be wishing for too much. She is, after all, his nominee.
So if she demonstrates she's another Holder, why SHOULD she be confirmed?  Just because Obama wants her?  Again, bullshit.

And the first one who insists 'The Stupid Party must play by polite rules, even if the Evil Party doesn't' gets told they're a fool.

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