Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Insty has three links on that theft under color of law

known as asset forfeiture.  The third includes this:
Beth Grossman, who heads the Public Nuisance Task Force in Philadelphia, recently appeared on 1210 WPHD with Dick Morris in an attempt to defend that city’s massive civil forfeiture program:

Dick Morris: But if the jury finds that there was [no drug dealing], and finds that the person is innocent, and you forfeited the house, you don’t give it back. You keep the money.

Beth Grossman: Well, first of all, people are not found innocent, they are found not guilty, because the common law cannot achieve—

Dick Morris: That is hysterical. You’re saying that it’s okay to seize the house because they’re found not guilty? Rather than innocent? Are you really saying that?
Your police at work.  Go read all three, and be prepared for blood-pressure spikes.

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Dan said...

Just another talking head spouting fertilizer to keep people occupied with TALK while they continue the looting. Want it to stop....KILL THEM. Not willing to use violence? Then you lose because THEY hacpve no problem resorting to violence if necessary. Those in charge are perfectly happy tomflap their gums and look like idiots....if it keeps the sheep from growing a pair and turning into wolves. Violence is golden....it is the final arbiter and method of all interactions. If a credible threat of force is not present then there is no bargaining position....only terms of surrender. And if the oppressor does not believe the victim can or will resist...they have won.