Monday, November 10, 2014

Still busy, not quite as much,

so a bit of time.  For instance Sarah Hoyt telling the "America SUCKS!" people to kiss her ass.
For years, my husband has despaired of watching movies with me, because I have that truth-checking program in my head.  Hit three or more of those pat “everybody knows” above, and I leave the room, no matter how engaging the romance wrapped around it.  You see I grew up, literally, in a socialist country, surrounded by propaganda at all times.  It was so heavy handed you couldn’t help but see through it.  And I did.  Which means like someone who’s been immunized, I’m sensitive to the virus and anti-bodies deploy.

In Wisconsin, my first thought is "Really?  You JUST realized that?"  My second is "Loose the lawyers, and sue their asses off!"
In a court filing that one constitutional law expert calls a “stunning reversal,” the Government Accountability Board appears to concede that the “legal theory” driving the secret John Doe investigation into Wisconsin conservatives is legally “indefensible.”
Go after the prosecutors, the judges who signed off on it.  And the cops who approved SWAT raids in this shit.  Every one of them.

I am now off to hopefully get the last of this hurry-up stuff done.  At least for now.  I leave you with this:

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