Friday, November 14, 2014

Combination: Why registration is bullshit, and Why you're not seen as Officer Friendly anymore

Because nothing says "We're your Caring Police Department" than harassing a family right after(or maybe before) a funeral because the deceased had a registered firearm, or firearm license.

"We're the people stealing the property of the deceased.  Because the family can't be trusted.  And because we can get away with it.  Because Public Safety."
So, what’s happening crime-wise while the cops prioritize looting familes of their dead relatives’ property? Well, they’re not trying very hard to solve crimes. There are forty to sixty murders in Buffalo every year. In 2014 there have been 41 murders so far, of which the Buffalo flatfeet have solved a whopping 11 — 26.83%. But hey, maybe they’re waiting for leads. They did better with 2013 murders, so far, clearing 13 murders. That’s out of 47, for a staggering 27.66%. In other words, if the doer isn’t a brain-dead skell standing there covered in blood when a patrol car rolls up, this department probably isn’t going to catch him. Ever.

Consider this: if you get murdered in Buffalo, Derenda will send cops to take your guns while your relatives are still trying to find a funeral home that isn’t solidly booked with other murder victims. But he won’t put anywhere near that much emphasis on his department’s half-hearted half-effort to find your killer.

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