Monday, November 10, 2014

Why you're not seen as Officer Friendly anymore, Reason #418:

You're an abusive, violent thug who belongs behind bars.
I'm not excerpting, just go read what a jewel Sgt. Shawn Glans is.  If by 'jewel' you mean abusive, oathbreaking, violent piece of shit hiding behind a badge.

And do note this:
Glans, according to a Daily Gazette article, was found responsible for a March 1996 on-duty vehicle accident that left a man paralyzed and blind. Saratoga County and the town of Wilton settled a lawsuit with the man for an undisclosed amount after a $60 million suit was filed.
My, isn't he a wonderful guy?  

If they don't fire, and charge, this bastard, they deserve to get zero support from the public.  If they won't clean house, screw 'em every one..


KM said...

Looks like ol' Sgt. Glans thought Judge Dredd was a training film.

Unknown said...

With a name like "Glans", you just know the guy's going to be a dick!

Anonymous said...

Heh, that's really the best part though. It's not that he's a 'dick' he's a dickhead.