Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Working on a piece about bullets, but other than that

just not feeling it today.  Few bits to get the blood moving:
That clown had a softball 'interview' the other day and basically said "I'm sorry people found out about this."  Bet he's sorrier now.

One of his compatriots insisting "The law means what we SAY it means, not what the words on paper say!"  Bastards really want to rule by Red Queen rules.

Tam points to 'why get training?'  Which includes this wonderfully confidence-inspiring bit:
We’re the best shooters in our department, by far. That’s why we’re the firearms instructors. Then we come here and find out that we suck.
Lots of people can't afford much in the way of travel and schools.  Happily there's LOTS of training stuff (for one) available from lots of serious trainers. 

After the shooting

And that's it for now.  Assuming the energy levels rise and fingers loosen, I may actually accomplish something.

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