Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Yes, a knife is a REAL threat

no matter what someone saw in a movie.  And tasers don't always work.  And shooting at extremities is stupid.
Includes that damn scary video from down south(the real nasty starts around 4:30)

and some others.


KM said...

There were what, 5 cops trying to round this guy up and it took 4+ minutes and a possible dead body or 2 before someone realizes that shooting him might be the proper action?
I don't understand spanish so I don't know if in the audio there's an answer to what took so long for the lightbulb to come on.

Firehand said...

Where I originally saw this, guy had some more information. Short version, Central-American country where the cops are used to the peasants doing what they're told. They didn't really believe the guy would dare, or if he did that he could possibly be dangerous*, until it all went south and it was too late.

*Considering the history of sharp objects down there, you'd think they'd know better