Friday, April 18, 2014

I wonder if the Jews will get little yellow stars

to wear on their clothes to show they've properly registered themselves?
A leaflet distributed in Donetsk, Ukraine calling for all Jews over 16 years old to register as Jews marred the Jewish community’s Passover festivities Monday (Passover eve), replacing them with feelings of concern. 

The leaflet demanded the city’s Jews supply a detailed list of all the property they own, or else have their citizenship revoked, face deportion and see their assets confiscated.
So Pushilin says he doesn't agree with the order, but acknowledges his men are in fact ordering Jews to register.

Apparently former Justice Stevens can't remember what he said before his current "Let's rewrite the 2nd Amendment to ban guns from the commoners" moment.
Actually, while we are discussing Stevens' reverence for the Miller decision, the Washington Examiner notes that at an October 2012 Brady Campaign-sponsored event, Stevens said this about the decision:
"[Miller] was generally understood to limiting the scope of the Second Amendment to the uses of arms that were related to military activities," Stevens said today during a question-and-answer session after a speech today with the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence's Legal Action Project.
Now that would appear to indicate that Stevens is tacitly admitting that private ownership of "military-style" firearms -- like, say, "assault weapons" (and indeed fully-automatic firearms, grenade launchers, and more) is precisely what the Second Amendment protects -- and not, as we noted above, only in the context of membership in a government-sanctioned militia.

The Peoria Illinois PD and Mayor Jim Ardis: farging idiots and abusers of power.
Illinois police seized computers and mobile phones while raiding a house whose owner was suspected of parodying the town mayor on Twitter.

In all, five people following the Tuesday evening raid were taken to the Peoria Police Department station for questioning, local media report.
Mayor Jim Ardis, meet the Streisand Effect.  You disgusting little clown.

And Police Chief Steve Settingsgaard: ever hear of telling the Mayor "No, I will NOT raid a house because you're all butthurt" ?  Of course, that would take the balls to tell said politician 'No', which you apparently don't have.

This has the potential to be interesting; I can see Sec. John Effing Kerry blowing his lid at the idea of the Indian Reagan taking office.

Back to New Effing York: let's see if the systems up there- legal and bar- actually do anything about these corrupt bastards.
Charles Hynes:
In a sworn deposition, Hynes admitted that material witnesses were held in hotels overnight as “prisoners” — a controversial practice that he repeatedly denied during 2013’s reelection campaign.
Prosecutor Michael Vecchione:
The case against Collins imploded after key witness, Angel Santos, revealed in Brooklyn Federal Court in 2010 that the chief prosecutor, Michael Vecchione, had threatened to bash him over the head with a coffee table or charge him with perjury if he did not take the stand against Collins.
And every other dirtbag involved in this.
Federal Judge Dora Irizarrry tossed out the conviction citing “shameful” prosecutorial misconduct by prosecutors, including the failure to inform Collins’ trial lawyer that three key witnesses had recanted or been held prisoner in a hotel before taking the stand.

Paul Krugman is a bigoted idiot.  In detail.

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