Monday, April 14, 2014

This Non-Violent Stuff'll Get You Killed

Professor Cobb currently teaches Africana Studies at Brown University in Rhode Island. Every once in a while, this book will remind you that Cobb’s politics are very markedly to the left, except on the issue of gun control. I suspect that more than a few of Cobb’s associates will be either scratching their heads or filled with fury.
Oh, I don't doubt that last.
I am hoping that those curious about the civil rights movement are going to realize the positives of gun ownership from this book. Indeed, Cobb makes the point that without widespread gun ownership, the civil rights movement would not have survived long enough to register voters. The KKK were domestic terrorists, and only force meeting force would restrain them, especially when they were also the local law enforcement agency.
Yep.  Nothing says "Stop trying to beat/lynch/rape us" like a high-velocity hole in the chest.

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Windy Wilson said...

When I used to see the bumper stickers that said, "Stop the Genocide in Darfur" I used to think, "yes, send rifles."
But then, as the Jews in Warsaw in 1943 will tell you, "Violence never solves anything."