Thursday, April 17, 2014

Clinton kept Reno for fear she'd talk?

Wouldn't be surprising.
"Then he went into a meeting with her, and he told me that she begged and pleaded, saying that . . . she didn't want to be fired because if she were fired it would look like he was firing her over Waco... And I knew that what that meant was that she would tell the truth about what happened in Waco."

Attention Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association boss Patrick Lynch: if you think making sure you have the right damned address on a search warrant is ... technicalities — like if the premise is a single- or multiple-family dwelling — that are so insignificant that suppressing the evidence actually subverts justice and public safety.”, then you are a disgusting bastard who should have that badge removed from you.  Immediately.

God-DAMN, you actually think kicked in the door of a second-story unit that housed a family with no relation to Wiggins or his relatives, court papers state. After realizing that he lived in another unit, the cops headed downstairs where they found Wiggins trying to flee. is not a damned PROBLEM?  What if you'd wounded/crippled/killed one of that innocent family, you stupid bastard?  Would that just be another 'Eh, have to break eggs y'know' moment?

An Environmental Protection Agency official has entered the revolving door of cronyism by leaving the federal government to become an executive at a prominent environmental group. 

Lisa Garcia, former associate assistant administrator for environmental justice at the EPA, will become Earthjustice’s new vice president of litigation for health — a position created just for Garcia.
Why, you'd think she'd been working for/with them before or something.

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