Saturday, April 19, 2014

The government cannot/will not deal with the cartel;

people being robbed/raped/tortured/murdered get sick of it, grab those hidden-away .22 rifles and single-shot scatterguns and start going after cartel dirtbags and using their weapons to arm up.

.Gov, having been hugely embarrassed by the commoners acting like human beings with the right to protect themselves, finally shows up(after the worst of the work is done, apparently) and now announces "You must join a government-approved militia where we can control you, and register the guns you'll be allowed to keep, or else!"
Vigilante spokesman Estanislao Beltran said the self-defense forces would not turn in their guns by the May deadline, but were open to joining some of the government forces. "Nobody is going to disarm," Beltran said in a telephone interview.
Translation:  "Screw you.  You ignored what was being done to us, or just refused to act, now you want to make us victims again?  Screw you twice, pendejo."

Honestly, would YOU trust their government on this?  Hell, I don't trust OURS with such.

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