Monday, April 14, 2014

'Disgrace' doesn't even BEGIN to cover this

In a stunning about-face, former Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes admitted in a recent deposition that he did not believe a man exonerated for murder was guilty — even though one of his prosecutors insisted, as the man’s conviction was vacated, “We believe in this defendant’s guilt.”
Richardson was sent to federal court to defend the case in 2010 amid mounting evidence that his superior, Michael Vecchione — who originally tried the case — had committed prosecutorial misconduct by coercing and threatening witnesses to make them testify against Collins.

At the time, Brooklyn Federal Judge Dora Irizarry called the DA’s handling of the case “shameful.”

Hynes responded with a statement defending Vecchione and vowing there would be no internal investigation of the allegations of misconduct.
Miserable. Lying. Corrupt. Disgusting. Bastards.
But Hynes, who was voted out of office last November, was singing a different tune at the deposition, where he acknowledged that “someone involved in that case” failed to inform Collins’ defense lawyer that a key witness had recanted.
Sickening, corrupt, fucking BASTARD.
The Collins case is among dozens of questionable murder convictions during Hynes' 23 years in office that have come to light in recent years and drawn heavy criticism from three federal judges.

Chances of the bastards being disbarred: probably about zero, because the fucking lawyers and prosecutors will protect their own no matter what.
Chances of actual criminal prosecution: see above.
Chances of the sodding bastards having their immunity yanked so the damages have to come out of their own pockets: see above.

We're supposed to trust prosecutors WHY?  We're supposed to trust the system WHY?

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