Thursday, April 17, 2014

Whyever might people be suspicious of Governor Howler

and associates?
New York isn’t saying how many gun owners refused to register by the April 15 deadline, partly because state police, given the lack of a central registry up until now, don’t really know. Some estimates put the total at about 1 million people.
Yeah, nothing there to bother people, is there.

You'll also notice a lot of 'so-called law-abiding' crap about people who have a problem with being told they have to say "Commissar may I" to be allowed to keep their property.

'Leftists think conservatives are evil, and conservatives think leftists are stupid.'  More evidence of who's right.

No, I haven't forgotten about taking pictures of the other frame work on the 1911; I just haven't done it yet.  Working on it tonight.

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