Friday, April 18, 2014

First thought: I love a happy ending

A California deputy accidentally shot himself while trying to kill a dog that he said was threatening his life on Wednesday, but video captured by a local television station later showed the animal much smaller than reported and peacefully playing with children.

According to a Riverside County sheriff’s spokesperson, the deputy was serving an eviction notice at around 2 p.m. on Wednesday when a “large” dog tried to attack him, KCAL reported.

“A dog came at the deputy in an aggressive manner,” Deputy Armando Munoz said, according to The Press-Enterprise. “The deputy, (attempting to defend himself) pulled his service weapon, shot one round, and injured himself in the leg.”
Happily Deputy Finger-on-the-bang-switch managed not to pull it twice.

What makes it even funnier:
When KNBC film crews arrived on the scene later on Wednesday, they found a medium-sized pit bull — named “Precious” — confined to a pen, and calmly playing with several children. The dog’s owner admitted that it had been barking when the officer arrived.
Excuse me, I have to sit here giggling and snorting for a bit.


prairie gopher said...

I think I just put my back out laughing. luckily he didn't shoot any dangerous kids!

Gerry N. said...

I need Deppity Bangswitch's email address. He needs to know how to shoot hisself somewhere lethal so no more "dangerous" dogs are imperilled.