Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Oh, I want this shirt

Althouse found the stuff here; and I like the guy:
"Secret Service: We do not consent to our store being searched. It’s not that there’s anything illegal in here..." "... but we just employ several Colombian prostitutes and we don’t want to tempt you guys." 
Sign in the window of a store called Raygun — someplace in Iowa where Obama was appearing. The shopkeeper, Mike Draper, was told he'd have to close 4 hours early and then that he could stay open if he let the Secret Service search the place. Draper said no to both and got away with it. This actually is America, you know.

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Anonymous said...

"got away with it."??? It shouldn't even have been an issue - it his business - and AFAIK this is STILL America - he can open or close at his discretion - not at the whim of gummint bureaucrats.