Sunday, November 04, 2012

A couple of sentences about the .32acp

“In closing, permit me to summarize: This is not a target arm, nor is it powerful enough for defense purposes against great beasts or armed men of great virility; but considering its short length, light weight, light report and recoil, and cheapness of ammunition, one will have difficulty in finding a more accurate, more reliable and more powerful pistol just to take along.”
 From 1931


Roger Ritter said...

It may not have a lot of stopping power, but the .32ACP is arguably the most effective cartridge of all time. Why, just one shot in 1914 killed several million people!

Dan said...

As is always the case with mouseguns such as the .32 it's more
a matter of will than of power.

Doesn't matter how much power the round has if one lacks the will to carry the weapon.

If one is willing to carry a .32 but is not willing to carry a larger weapon than it is proverbially..."better than no gun".

However modern firearms has rendered the .32 caliber to nearly being useless for defense as many weapons of equal size, weight and convenience using larger more competent caliber ammunition are now available.

Mouseguns are nice, they are fun and they are "better than no gun".
But the have not been and never will be equal to or preferable to
any other weapons of 9mm or larger caliber in terms of self defense.

As in all arenas of life it's a matter of choice.....if one chooses to carry a mousegun one
might learn the hard way the folly of choosing small and light over capable.