Tuesday, November 06, 2012

"Dear Barak; Why oh why haven't you called?

Love and frustration, Europe"
It seems the Euroweenies are all upset that Obama isn't the EUnuch-style US President they really desire.
One of the more, ah, illustrative bits:
In Europe, the gamut of electable politicians is pretty much the same in every country, but there is no European equivalent to the Republican Party, not until you get to Hungary or Serbia. Democrats would partially overlap with conservatives or Christian Democrats here, but the absence of any sort of electable socialist movement in America is a constant subject of incomprehension. We believe the left wing is always a necessary element in the balance of democracy.
A: If you clowns think a lot of the Democrat Party here doesn't count as socialist, you're either blind or more stupid than I thought.
B: The 'Republican/conservative/libertarian = Fascist' slander, very nice; fuck you.
C: Think hard about that paragraph, then take a good look at your situation; if you actually open your damned eyes, you just might see how you got in the hole you're in.

And we don't want to follow you there.

But the idea that a democratic president could want to disengage with the rest of the world and to retreat to fortress America, to pull up the drawbridge on a messy world, is the most inexplicably wounding thing of all. Meanwhile, the Republicans would want to get involved with the rest of us only to lay down the law and protect American interests and biblical Israel.
 See, here's where you really miss what we see: you only want us 'involved' with you if we'll bend over and hand you a bottle of lube.  We don't mind being involved, but we're not going to do it by your rules(see 'how you got in the hole' above). 

Kind of the crowning achievement in stupid is the closing paragraphs:
And despite such aggressive lack of interest, the American public seems not to care; if anything, it seems to prefer its politicians not talk too much about the world beyond its borders.
Here, then, is the one place where the Old and New Worlds might collide: they both face a democratic deficit. Fewer and fewer people on either side of the Atlantic care to vote for anyone at all. In fact, the thing that may unite Europeans and Americans more than anything else is a collective dismissal of democracy, and a plague on the houses of all politicians
 First, our problem is not our politicians talking about the world beyond its borders; it's when the bastards lie to us and stab us in the back trying to buy favor from you clowns.  And the enemy.
Second, we care to vote; we're doing it today.  The primary 'dismissal of democracy' is coming from the socialists and communists and fascists who wish they could throw that Constitution out of the way; it frustrates them terribly that they can't.

And we won't let them.


Sigivald said...

I've never understood why Europeans think we're supposed to give a flying fuck about what they think of our internal politics, given that they don't seem to think that what we think matters to theirs.

Works both ways, guys - if you want us to butt out of your politics, return the damned favor.

(I'd almost say this goes double for Canadians, but they have the excellent excuse of being a Very Neighboring country, with the largest open land border in the world with us, and a deeply entwined economy.

So they have some legitimate license to care, more than the EU does.)

Firehand said...

"Because We Are EUROPE, you peasant! We are the sophisticated and enlightened ones, and you SHOULD be as we think you should!"
My opinion, at least.
Add in that it's hard to control people who say "Screw off, weenies" when they make demands, and it drives them nuts.