Wednesday, February 01, 2012

In the 'Muzzle flash is the worst part' category,

daughter found this
French, 5mm pinfire, six-shot. A quick search turned up this site, which has some video of a five-shot(not being fired, unfortunately). That big 'cover' on the right is the hammer, tab on the left trigger, piece on top is the spring that indexes the cylinder, which you turn manually.

People have come up with the damndest things


Sigivald said...

You might even break the skin with it.

Possibly not your own.

(Well, okay, realistically you could probably kill someone with it.

With luck, and some time...)

Sigivald said...

(Also, if not for the NFA, I'd want one in .22 Short just on principle.)

Unknown said...

One of these came up for sale on a recent episode of "Pawn Stars". Guy wanted an outrageous amount of money for it.