Monday, July 09, 2012

Hey, AT&T, I have two words for you:

I'll let you dirtbags think about all the possible combinations they could be.
So why won't AT&T take the same position and write off the calls as a result of fraud?

"This is the crazy part," Smith said. "AT&T is not arguing over whether these calls were fraudulent. There's no dispute there."

Instead, the telecom giant is hinging its case, filed last year in U.S. District Court, on two legal theories: that Smith's firm should have taken more precautions to prevent unauthorized access to its phone system, and that under Federal Communications Commission regulations, it's entitled to collect from the owner of the phone line that was used to make the call, regardless of who actually made the call.

Smith said he's tried to resolve the matter, even trying to contact the CEO of AT&T.

But two weeks later, he was told by a secretary that because the matter was being handled by "outside counsel," there was nothing the company could do for him
"They're taking a hard line," said Smith, who said he was also warned by lawyers for AT&T that they would take action if he "disparaged" the company's name in the media.
This just flat sucks. And AT&T knows it.

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Sailorcurt said...

OK...since you yelled at me yesterday, I went ahead and posted on this story today.

Thanks for bringing this to light.