Saturday, July 14, 2012

Back in May I made a trip to the Castle at Muskogee, Updated

and while there visited the shop of Tracey. Where an idea formed(shut up, I can have them, you know) when I saw a very pretty tea/coffee cup and saucer. "Could you make a cup this size, but without the handle, and shaped so I won't drop it when I'm drunk having a taste?" "Let's see," says she, and took a hunk of clay, put it on the wheel and began turning. And produced something that looked just about right. So made a deal to pick it up or have a friend pick it up when finished.

Ever read The Garrett Files? He once mentions the godlet assigned to screw with him? The little bastard hires out.

Which all boils down to "It dried out before I could put the decoration on!"
"Plain is fine."
"I said 'It dried out before I could put the decoration on'." With emphasis.
Followed by missed connections, etc. Which finally led to a small box being delivered today with this in it:
Friend had told her I'm a blacksmith, and she'd determined I was going to get a decorated whiskey cup. Period.
A while back, just before the prices started shooting up, I'd splurged on a bottle of my favorite, and I still have most of it;
The cup will be properly christened tonight.

Tracey's stuff- some of it- can be found here and here, should be able to contact her through either if you have a desire or something strikes your fancy. May take a few days to get an answer, she travels to fairs and such a lot.

Update: Glenfiddich sips very well out of this. Now I need to find out how much that stuff Gerry mentioned costs...


Mattexian said...

That's pretty cool! I hope you get lots of good use from it.

Gerry N. said...

I was introduced to Scotch with a drink of some rotgut with a pair of dogs on the label. I think it signified that the stuff was mostly dog piss. Some years later a friend bought me a glass of Glenlivet in a high end restaurant for my birthday. What an enlightenment! Time passes. Another (different) friend offers me a shot of Glenfiddich. Another enlightenment! More time passes. An online acquaintance from, of all places, Scotland is in Seattle, calls me up and we meet in a downtown watering hole. He browbeats me into trying Bruichladdich, pronounced more or less like "Brookladdie". After I had two more shots, neat, I was convinced I had found the Holy Grail. I still am. The stuff is not cheap, as it goes it is on the mid range of spendy. I can save up my nickels and pennies and buy one bottle a year. If I was well enough off, I would drink one bottle a month. Calling it good is damning with faint praise. It is roughly analagous to drinking a good cream soda. Wonderful first flavor, a slight bite from the alcohol, 92 proof, then a lingering peaty finish lasting several wonderful minutes. Two or three glasses do not diminish each sip. Maybe someday I'll find a better tasting Single Malt, but until then, this one serves me in lieu of a religion.

Gerry N.

Firehand said...

Matt, I intend to try. And if I somehow damage it, you'll hear the screaming.

Bruichladdich I'd never heard of, I'll have to see if anyone carries it here and how much damage it does to the pocketbook.

Of all I've had the chance to try over the years, the 15-year Glenfiddich is my favorite, but I'm always open to something new.

By the way, telling someone "It's the only 15-year-old I can legally enjoy" is something that should only be said to people you KNOW have a sense of humor...