Thursday, July 12, 2012

More on what Obama wants the UN to force on us

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In fact, a short tour through the U.N. schemes shows that international tracing, combined with nationalized regulations and controls on the manufacture, transfer and sell of small arms, is the central feature of the plan. The U.N. program for implementation includes such requirements as no “military style” weapons should be possessed by civilians, a registered and traceable lifetime for every weapon, and so on.


Windy Wilson said...

"A registered and traceable lifetime for every weapon."
To me that means that every weapon has to have a paper record that follows every weapon, showing dates of ownership for every owner of that weapon, as well as a crush date. The use of the word "lifetime" cannot be accidental. That word implies a birth and a death, and if it is registered and traceable, the Sandmen can come get it at its appointed death time, a la Logan's run. It is just a short step from that to the Belgian Corporal in the event the weapon "runs" from the Sandman.

Firehand said...