Monday, July 09, 2012

Ok, for your Monday morning, I present the racist jerk

who the President says he never heard a word of this from in 20 years:
“Take that baby him or her away from the African mother, away from the African community, away from the African experience … and put them Africans at the breasts of Yale, Harvard, University of Chicago, those trinity schools, UCLA or U.C. Berkley. Turn them into biscuits then they’ll get that alien DNA all up inside their brain and they will turn on their own people in defense of the ones who are keeping their own people under oppression.”

“There is white racist DNA running through the synapses of their under-brain tissue,” he continued
Racist and America-hating, but Obama says "I never heard those words!" Right.

More on how the IRS will be involved in running your health care
The health care law "includes the largest set of tax law changes in more than 20 years," according to the Treasury inspector general who oversees the IRS. The agency will have to hire thousands of workers to manage it, requiring significant budget increases that already are being targeted by congressional Republicans determined to dismantle the president's signature initiative.

"Knowing the complexity of the health law, there's no question that the IRS is going to struggle with this," said Rep. Charles Boustany Jr., R-La., chairman of the House Ways and Means oversight subcommittee. "The IRS wants more resources. Well, we need to start digging down into what are they doing with the resources and personnel."

The frikkiin' IRS can't tell you what the tax law is consistently, and if they give you bad advice you're screwed for listening to them, and now this? We're supposed to trust this crap?

Also, in this article,
Under the guise of implementing the law, the Internal Revenue Service has announced it will impose a tax of up to $3,000 per worker on employers whom Congress has not authorized a tax. To make things more interesting: If the IRS doesn't impose that unauthorized tax, the whole law could collapse.
Yeah, it's a few days old, I just saw it.

"How dare you show all the flags of this states' history?" Screw history, only show the parts the progressives want you to see.

In addition, Dershowitz added, if Democrats wanted to fight a misogynistic donor to political super PACs, they need look no further than television host Bill Maher, whose money they have enthusiastically accepted: "I'm sure that if the Democrats were to apply David Harris' 'Adelson test' to all the contributions they have received from Hollywood moguls and other wealthy business people, they wouldn't like the results."

Over at Two-Four, some thoughts on Hillary Clintons' involvement in Gunwalker.

Might make you want a bigger boat:

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