Tuesday, July 10, 2012

An awful lot of "I LOVE Obama! but not what he does"

going around.

Along with, since so many Obama staffers so like communism, the Little Blue Book.

Five of the new Obamacare taxes coming if this mess isn't stopped, including
1. The ObamaCare Medical Device Manufacturing Tax
This 2.3 percent tax on medical device makers will raise the price of (for example) every pacemaker, prosthetic limb, stent, and operating table. Can you remind us, Mr. President, how taxing medical devices will reduce the cost of health care? The tax is particularly destructive because it is levied on gross sales and even targets companies who haven’t turned a profit yet.

These are often small, scrappy companies with less than 20 employees who pioneer the next generation of life-prolonging devices. In addition to raising the cost of health care, this $20 billion tax over the next ten years will not help the country’s jobs outlook, as the industry employs nearly 400,000 Americans. Several companies have already responded to the looming tax by cutting research and development budgets and laying off workers.

Wanna drive a tank? Over things?

What moron came up with the idea of 'warning shots' with beanbags against armed smugglers(“Disarmed by the very bureaucrats that armed their killers.”)? And suddenly there's a reward for the bad guys? AFTER the contempt vote and so forth? Really makes you wonder what all is being hidden behind the 'executive privilege' crap.

I've written before about the idiocy of the Queers for Palestine clowns; here's some more of what they're enabling.


PISSED said...

OT, thought you might like this


christine said...

Many people are greatly disappointed by what the Obamacare dictates. More taxes for the medical field. Not all people can afford how much the healthcare costs and this could make it worse.