Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Among the reasons the 'R' party is called the Stupid Party,

except when we're calling them 'arrogant shitheads', also a fine example of why we're in the mess we're in:
Evil Party: "Don't worry about dead people a borders violated and trying to use this to influence laws: our message is "This is all a political attack!"
Stupid Party: The contempt of Holder is a dog whistle to the right-wing tea party community, saying that we are representing them. They’re upset we haven’t done more on spending, etc. But this is a way to say we’re going after this administration, holding them accountable.”
The Democrats don't give a rats ass about anything but protecting Obama and Holder, no matter what they did. And the Republican bigshots don't give a rats ass about anything but keeping themselves in positions of power. All those bastards consider Gunwalker to be is their dog whistle to the people they usually crap on.
How do you like being considered their mongrel?

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