Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Finished Merchants of Despair a week or so back;

it's a profoundly depressing book in some ways. I'd heard of the Eugenics Movement; I'd had no idea it'd been such a big thing, and started so long ago. Daughter and I once tried to figure, while on a drive, just how it was that a society so advanced and generally civilized as Germany had been able to very calmly and efficiently carry out the Holocaust; well, a big factor was they'd been primed for it. Honored scholars and teachers had been teaching that 'it will be necessary to get rid of the inferior humans to save the planet' for a long time, so actually moving to do it didn't take that much. I'd never read of that before. And part of the depressing is how easy it was for some very smart people to buy the idea that moving across a border automatically moved you into 'inferior humans who're eating the proper humans' resources' territory.

And the dislike I had for Margaret Sanger has become close to hatred; the connections between her and a bunch of other 'forward-thinking progressives' and the encouragement they gave Hitler & Co.(some of them very openly and happily encouraged him)...

And then he gets to a lot of people in the modern Green movement; which in Europe included having a founder who was a Nazi; a real one. Which didn't seem to trouble them at all.

I'm actually having trouble writing this, too much information and too much of it seriously disturbing. Get a chance, either buy it or hit the library and read it.

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David said...

Wow, I was just told about this book last night by a friend. I just downloaded to my Kindle.

Here's another scary one to read: Lord of the World.
Fiction, written in 1917 but damn prophetic of today's situation.