Wednesday, June 27, 2012

An interesting view on a mess in Guatemala,

which included the US Embassy being picketed, but not for the usual reasons.
Five thousand people spontaneously marched on the capital. Arriving in front of the US embassy, the protestors burned US flags and shouted, "Yankee, Go Home." The head of the teachers' union grabbed a bullhorn and shouted: "This protest is to inform the international financial organizations that Guatemala rejects a tax increase that will make the poor poorer." The union there evidently has more sense than ours does. Students at the universities promised hunger strikes, and crowds formed human blockades against government trucks.
It sounds like a typical complaint The New York Times would make, but then the report moved on to unearth what it called the "intellectual origins of anti-statism among Guatemala's elite." In particular, the US embassy blamed "the economic philosophy of the Austrian school economists, Ludwig von Mises and Friedrich von Hayek," which has taken root in a local university.

The US embassy report continues with alarm: "These extreme views would have little practical effect if they only reflected the opinions of a few individuals. But ironically, as the threat from the left has receded, the libertarian view has gained strength and has become unquestioned dogma."

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