Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Just what level of- well, it's far beyond 'Dumbass'-

let's try frickin' idiocy is required for this?
Elite secret agents sent to protect France’s new president Francois Hollande at a major overseas meeting forgot to pack their guns, it has emerged.
That's just... bleep.


Jennifer said...


Firehand said...

How do you say that in French?

Jennifer said...

You don't. You surrender in German.
or J'ai une tête de merde

skidmark said...

Isn't Taurus based in Brazil? Don't they make decent (as in usually don't blow up in your face, usually go Bang! when you pull the trigger) guns at decent (even I can afford one) prices? Could this be an intentional way for the Frogs to go on a purchasing spree without alarming the rest of the EU about the pitiful state of their economy?

Firehand said...

"We have special diplomatic permission here; please sell us the following list of firearms and 'X' rounds of premium ammunition for each!"
I have to admit, that would never have occurred to me