Thursday, June 28, 2012

Rep. John Dingell: "Screw your dead son and the questions, (updated)

I'm a Democrat! first and foremost!"
It's kind of peculiar; I've got all kinds of things floating in my mind after reading this article; and the only thing I decided to write is(slipping into bad words for it)
"Dingell, you're just another corrupt politician. Fuck you and your excuses."

Two things that make further comment superfluous:
Terry’s family was particularly disgusted with Dingell’s use of their name in his partisan defense of Holder. “Congressman Dingell represents the district in Michigan where Brian Terry was born and where his family still resides, but his views don’t represent those of the Terry family,” the family said, pointing out that Dingell “invoked” their name in his defense of Holder. “Nor does he speak for the Terry family. And he has never spoken to the Terry family.”
He used THEIR NAME to defend Holder? Just what kind of slimy bastard would do that?
This kind:
“A year ago, after the House Oversight and Reform Committee began looking into Operation Fast and Furious, one of Brian’s sisters called Rep. Dingell’s office seeking help and answers,” the Terry family added. “No one from his office called back.”

Speaking of asshole politicians,

She can't even remember Terry's name.... (ignore the 'preview image' note, it works)

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