Thursday, June 28, 2012

A quick something about the events of earlier today

that did not involve Holder being held to a standard:
Borepatch thinks the Chief Justice played chess with Pelosi and set the Evil Party up for big trouble. Could be.

I'm still in agreement with Og. Such that if Roberts knocked on my door, pale and shaking, and said he'd broken down and was desperately thirsty I'd tell him to get his treacherous bastard self off my property. Yes, I'm still seriously pissed, and will remain so for some time.

And if it turns out Roberts DID change his vote due to pressure, then he should be removed from the court immediately. I will not speak as to the preferred means of doing so if that's the case. It's all very nice to speak of 'political concerns' but the God-damned court is not supposed to decide something based on "It's popular(or not)!"; they're supposed to be concerned with the Constitutionality of it. Fucking period. Yes, I do think they should ignore the pressure and name-calling(hell, that'll happen no matter what they decide); and if they can't, then they do not belong on that bench.

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