Friday, June 29, 2012

Just when I thought the greenies had hit a wall,

they make a hole in it and jump over the cliff:
One of the best ways to reasonably enjoy your pet and reduce your overall Carbon Footprint is to determine in advance how long your pet should live. As a family, set a date when your pet will be euthanized. One great way to teach children the value of pet euthanasia is to turn the occasion into a family celebration.
Until governments wake up and start passing "one child per-family" laws, the best way you can help reduce the collective Carbon Footprint is through voluntary sterilization
Read it. It's... disgusting, for lack of a better description right now.

Update: they say it's a spoof. Problem is, the 'get rid of too-many people' stuff is fairly standard greenie dogma; makes it hard to tell


Velociman said...

Did that with Grampa and Grammy and it didn't go over too well with the kids. Probably shouldn't have let them administer the plunger, but I figured Hey! you only got 4.

tkdkerry said...

Comments on the linked site indicate this is a spoof. Still, I believed it at first, given some of the truly batshit crazy stuff the greenies actually do and say.

Gerry N. said...

We had a rabid Greentwit mom when my son and I were in Scouts a few years bback. She ranted the standard I child only, too many people mantra. I told her the only possible answer was for her to kill her kid and herself for Mother Gaia. Otherwise she was just another loudmouthed bullcrap artist. She got all butthurt and pulled her kid out of Scouts. About a month later he came back, said his Mom was in a mental facility and he was living with his Dad's sister and could he come back to the Troop. The kid made Eagle before his 17 birthday and is now an MD. As far as I know his mom is still in a rubber room.