Thursday, June 28, 2012

Yes, the Supremes just decided that if it's called a 'tax'

the .gov can do anything it wants. Five of them also made it plain that that oath to uphold the Constitution means nothing to them.

So we've got to get Romney in the Oval Office. And he need to know that this one one of the several things that, if he betrays us, his term as President will make him wish he'd never run.


kaflick said...

Do you have any logical reason to believe that a Romney presidency will be any better than the Bush presidency was that set us up for what is happening now?

As far as I can see Obama is just Bush times 4 with RomneyCare added.

Firehand said...

No, I don't like Romney; problem is, he's the Stupid Party candidate, and right now about the only chance we've got of tossing this out.

Sigivald said...

Disagree in general re. the Constitutional oath issue.

They all agreed that the Commerce Clause is real and limited - that's upholding the Constitition.

The Tax Power (Art. 1, Section 8, First Sentence) isn't very limited in the text of the Constitution - it's just very unpopular when exercised broadly, as it is here.

I see the Tax Power argument working against the President come November - and see no Constitutional issue in the broad outline of the ACA decision.

(That and the law might be subject to suit now, since Tax bills must originate in the House, and I'm told the version of the ACA that passed originated in the Senate.)