Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It occurs to me that maybe they need to start ATF training

with Brer Rabbit and the Briar Patch, updated to "Please don't make me go back across that border!"

The UN and the warmist fascists really don't like there being sovereign nations that can say 'Screw you', do they?

So the "I wasn't given communion at my mothers' funeral because I'm LESBIAN!" story is crap; whoda thunk such a thing?
“So in my interview with the principal we talked openly about my being a lesbian and a Buddhist.”
But then, "I wasn't given communion because I'm a Buddhist" just doesn't fit the narrative she wanted to create.

In our current "Ma Nature is catching up from last year", it's rained a lot the last couple of days, a few tornadoes, some flooding south and east of here. By the time things dry out I'm going to have a half-bale worth of grass to cut.

The Collinsville PD and Officer Michael Reichert: a fine demonstration of why people don't like or trust the police anymore. And, in far too many cases, SHOULD not trust them.

Back when I was forging a lot, and doing some shows regularly, I'd get some interesting reactions to some of the knives: some people would look at a big dirk or bowie and say things like "That's too big, nobody needs a knife that size" or "These are too sharp", or "Too fancy." Mind you, they were outnumbered by the "I like it!" people, but there were enough of them to stir thought. They remind me of this guy: "It's one thing to have a small knife to use, but THESE are too much/too nasty-looking" and such. You also get the "That motorcycle doesn't need that much horsepower/can go too fast/etc."

Personal experience on bikes- lots of cars for that matter- has given me the viewpoint that I'd far rather have more horsepower and torque 'than I might actually need' than find out I REALLY need to move and I can't. If I'm out in the woods a big knife might not usually be needed, but if you do need it... For that matter I'm with Tam: I like finely-made tools for their own sake, as well as their utility; I like knowing that if I crank the throttle that VFR is going to take off like a raped ape; I like knowing that dirk I kept will go through a lot of things and hardly slow down, and still be sharp after. To those who can't understand that, well, that's your problem.


Sigivald said...

Only Catholics can get communion?

It's not just a buffet you can join in on because you Feel Vaguely Like Partaking?

Who knew?

Sigivald said...

(Also, "too sharp"?

The words of someone who doesn't even understand what a knife is, let alone how to use one.

Me, I don't buy big knives like that, because they're useless for me.

But that's another matter than "nobody needs that".)

Toaster 802 said...

"You don't need that" is just another example of the slave mentality and why we are where we are as a nation. It also clearly illustrates why we are not going to vote our way out of this mess.

MauserMedic said...

I like having rifles chambered for cartridges that will punch through a half inch of steel, because there are people who don't want me to have them.

Marja said...

It's easier to cut firewood with a big knife, and when I moved in the woods a lot I usually had two knives, a big one and a very small one, or leuku and puukko, rather than a knife and an ax.

Something like these, that number 5629 combination:


Well, if you start going past about 30 cm with leuku it actually is getting a bit too big to be easily used. You can find sword sized ones for sale in Lapland, as souvenirs. :)