Thursday, September 15, 2011

I love tools

I just tried to take a picture of something and the camera was dead. Opened it up and found two Kodak photo batteries had leaked on one end and corroded hell out of the contact plate. Happens I have a fine-work screwdriver set that had a phillips small enough to fit the screw holding the plate in.

Scrub it(and the cover piece) with baking soda and a brush, then hit the plate with 0000 wool and the solution, dry, and it works!


Country Boy said...

Next time, drop it in vinegar first. That will also kill the corrosion and make it easier to clean. I've done this with a number of items that I couldn't remove. Dab some on with a Q-tip (or just pour it on if possible), clean with a brush (the acid brushes from the hardware store work great if you cut the bristles short), rebattery and go.

Firehand said...

Vinegar... no, didn't think of that. But I'll remember it