Monday, September 12, 2011

One of my pet peeves is idiots like Beckel who worship

at the altar of Che; Humberto Fontova points out just how full of crap Beckel is on the subject, including
So here’s Bob Beckel bashing a black politician of lowly origin who enjoyed overwhelming unionized labor support--while hailing the lily-white rich-boys, Fidel and Che, who outlawed labor unions and sent such as Richard Trumka and Jimmy Hoffa to the firing squad or prison. Where’s Trumka, Hoffa and Maxine Waters on this? Using liberals’ own standards Beckel sure sounds like an elitist--and a racist to boot.
That's been one of the interesting things in this history: Castro & Co. killed Deity-knows how many union people, yet clowns like Hoffa and Trumka support them; are they just idiots, or communists who consider a bunch of dead union brethren a cheap price for keeping Cuba communist?

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