Monday, November 07, 2011

Saw this the other day; I had wondered about the 'long gunfight' story

Maybe it’s the fog of war.

Chuck Pfarrer, a former SEAL Team Six assault-element commander, raises serious questions about the official story of Osama bin Laden’s takedown in his new book, “Seal Target Geronimo.”

“The further I got away from the Beltway, the more accurate information I got,” he said.

Pfarrer says it only took the SEALs 90 to 120 seconds -- from landing to the firing the final shot -- to take out bin Laden, far shorter than other accounts have claimed.

He says the forces entered the compound on the third floor via the roof, not from the ground as the official version has said.
President Obama’s role, too, was largely inflated.

He was out playing golf only 20 minutes before the raid began.

“If this had completely gone south, he was in a position to disavow,” Pfarrer claimed.

About some of the celebrity supporters of the OWS actions:
But the rank hypocrisy of these celebrities is a bit much to bear. Take Cornel West, for instance. I like West. He is willing to debate people he disagrees with, which is a sign of intellectual engagement, and he does so with flair. But his histrionics over “corporate greed” seem a little over the top considering he commands between $30,000 to $50,000 for a speech, according to the International Speakers Bureau. That’s an astounding figure. I hardly begrudge him for demanding such an exorbitant fee, of course. If people are willing to pay it, God bless him. But to go around lambasting others for greed when you are demanding $1,000 a minute to speak takes some gall. Susan Sarandon and Rosanne Barr have lent their support by visiting Occupy Wall Street’s protests and speaking out for its cause, while George Clooney and others have more passively backed the protests in interviews. (RELATED: Moore won’t admit he’s part of the ’1 percent’) While it is difficult to glean exactly what Occupy Wall Street’s main gripes are — after all, many of their supporters tend to be preliterate — one clear point of contention is the high rate of compensation CEOs earn, compared to the average worker. But I have never heard Clooney or Sarandon complain about the high rate of compensation top-market actors receive compared to garden-variety struggling thespians.

A number of aftershocks, one I believe they noted as a 5.2. And they've decided the initial quake was a 5.6. When it kept on for more than ten seconds, I had a moment of thinking "Did New Madrid decide to turn loose? Be an interesting next while if it did." Ace had a different thought: And when does the volcano break through? Which may seem odd, but... (USGS: "Because we didn't KNOW about the hot spot, THAT'S why we didn't warn people!")

What happens when the police consider themselves above the law, and anyone who actually enforces it is the enemy.
Together with a string of other recent cases, the Bronx case suggests that a culture of corruption and entitlement has spread through the ranks of the thin blue line. Worse, it is clear that police union officials are the mainstay of the illegal ticket fixing enterprise, so much so that prosecutors considered indicting the union as a corrupt organization under racketeering laws. The police demonstration in the Bronx was apparently orchestrated by the union, which sent text messages to officers urging that they show up to support colleagues involved in ticket fixing. “It’s a courtesy, not a crime,” was the slogan.

Ok, so the DC police department needs to fire some people. Assuming they give a damn about, y'know, impartially enforcing the law and such.

Ruemmler, you got a SUBPOENA, not a request for arguments; if the Stupid Party brass had the balls, they ought to cite you for contempt or something and go from there.

Ok... if the information is truly as Yon says, people need to lose rank. Or just be flatly thrown out of the military.

I appears some people at the Federal Regulatory Commission need to be added to the list of "Those direly in need of acquaintance with tar and feathers".

So OWS is taking lessons from the palisimians: "Use your children as tools; after all the Movement is far more important than they are."

Sooner or later, some of these clowns are going to block traffic and, either through putting someones life at risk or just pushing someone over their limit, pepper spray is going to seem like the mild outcome.

Actual illustration of Cain's sexual harassment!

Two U.S. lawmakers will introduce measures to impose a transaction tax on financial firms that resembles a proposal released by the European Union.

Senator Tom Harkin, an Iowa Democrat, and Representative Peter DeFazio, an Oregon Democrat, will introduce the bills tomorrow in their respective chambers.
Translation: "We want to steal more of your money, but if we say it's a tax on the banks, we think you'll go along with it."

And that's it for now.


Sailorcurt said...

There's a lot of disparate stuff there to comment on, but the one I'm going to pick out is the link to Michael Yon's piece.

He seemed to start out as one of the few "voices in the wilderness" in that he was a reporter willing to put himself in harm's way to get the truth out about what our military people are going through.

He's turned into a prima donna jackwagon that disrespects even the most elite of our troops at the first sign that they might disagree with him.

This particular opinion (about taking the red crosses off the medivac birds) caused a discussion on one of the special forces forums that, when Yon showed to "defend his honor" quickly turned into a childish mud-slinging contest...which Yon lost handily.

It was linked everywhere in the past week or so. The bottom line is that the soldiers there mostly disagreed with Yon's take on the issue and had some pretty convincing arguments upon which to base their opinions.

I pretty much wrote Yon off when he bought into the whole "90 percent of guns in Mexico come from the US" canard and then, when people tried to straighten him out, he reverted quickly to derision and name-calling versus addressing the issues.

He's had other pretty high profile incidents wherein he had a falling out with military members here and there and did his best to use his celebrity to harm them personally.

In summary, I don't trust Yon as far as I can throw him.

I mean as he is now, not 100 pounds ago as he's still depicted in his facebook profile page.

Anonymous said...

"I pretty much wrote Yon off when he bought into the whole '90 percent of guns in Mexico come from the US' canard and then, when people tried to straighten him out, he reverted quickly to derision and name-calling versus addressing the issues."

Same here.

He also seems desperate to become the next Ernie Pyle. My two Iraq War go-to's were Michaels Yon and Totten. Totten I still read. More info, less flowery language.