Wednesday, November 09, 2011

An object lesson in "Make SURE

you have the cables connected correctly. Or else."

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Marja said...

Heh. I carry the jump cables in my car. I also carry a cheat sheet - I have needed to use the things only a couple of times in my life, so I'm not exactly confident I'd remember that right if I needed to.

Carry a pretty good collection of other tools too. I don't exactly know how things work, but with older cars it's surprising how much you can figure out if you absolutely have to, like when the thing stops in the middle of nowhere and you can't use a phone. Nowadays I always carry a cell, of course, but I have managed a few emergency repairs in the days before them. Like when the accelerator cable broke and, because I didn't have a spare, I tied a length of steel wire to the part in the accelerator end, pulled the other end of the wire through to the cab and then tied a bit of wood to that and drove the rest of the way using the accelerator by pulling that with my hand. Worked pretty well, biggest problem was changing gears (I have always driven stick shift, like pretty much everybody else my age in Finland, the automatics are only now beginning to come common).