Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Followon test of Mr. Completely's Lube

Short trip to H&H this morning, only about 60 rounds each through the Sport King and the 1911 conversion. The conversion had not a single hiccup. Had three 'not quite all the way' cycles on the HS, but I'm calling that on the ammo; that box has had some noticeable variations from round to round. Even with that, it was better cycling than it would originally do with the Federal ammo in question.

I'll add that the two pieces in question were not cleaned after the previous range trip, and still functioned as well as did.

Also, after the first range trip I took an old knife blade, brightened it up with some fine sandpaper, wiped a light coat of the Lube on and left it in the bed of the truck; so far, no sign of rust. He does NOT say this stuff is a protectant, just a lube; still nice to know that it seems to do a decent job of protecting from corrosion.
Here's where he has the stuff, if you want to get hold of some. And if some snoopy nanny happens to read this: screw you. Nobody paid me to review this stuff, so go do something useful for a change, like clean up dog crap in the park.

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