Tuesday, November 08, 2011

This does about cover it

Today's weather report has a number of safety precautions you should take note of:
Tornadoes are coming - seek shelter in the interior of your home.
Earthquakes are coming - avoid the interior of your home; go outside if possible.
There's lightning outside - avoid high ground.
There's flash flooding - avoid low ground.
Hail is present - avoid open areas.
The state has received 5" of rain in 3 hours; all burn ban precautions remain in effect.
Welcome to Oklahoma!


Marja said...

Sounds nice. We have occasional flooding, small scale, but none of the other problems. Boringly stable conditions here. Although with my personal problem, seasonal affective disorder, I guess I should have traded the long dark winters to something more lively a few decades ago, might have had a bit more successful life.

And I tend to get a bit morbid around this time of the year... lots of whining and so forth. Around three months more before there is again about enough light again. I wish it would snow, even a little light looks better if there is snow on the ground, but right now it's dark and wet and the temperature hovers just barely above the freezing point, most people wear either black or grey or some other dark color and everybody looks glum.

May be part of the reason why Finns tend to have problems with excessive drinking. And why there are so many metal bands in this country.

Firehand said...

This combination of stuff is a bit wider than we usually get; still that warning doesn't seem too exaggerated at times.

Finland, a place on my list of "If I can free up enough money to travel I want to go there." Though I think I'll take your advice and go in summer if I do.

Marja said...

Summers can be lovely (unless it happens to be one of the rainy ones), I'd definitely recommend summer. Or late winter - early spring, although then further north, like Lapland, would be better, there you can have the combination of more daylight and snow, where I live snow comes late and melts early.

The natives act a bit more friendly around those times too.

Firehand said...

Ok, you mentioned 'more friendly' and it reminded me of this: