Wednesday, November 09, 2011

My full opinion of what should happen to Joe Paterno in his retirement

would involve, at the least, living in penury for the rest of his life. Or having something bloody awful done to him.

He knew this asshole Sandusky had a habit of raping kids? And didn't do anything to stop it? He shouldn't be retiring, he should be getting fired, he and every other piece of walking shit at Penn State who knew about this and did nothing. And then sued by the victims for everything they have or ever will have.

"He's done good things for the community" my ass. And anybody making such an excuse for him should be ashamed.


Lacerna Nebulae said...

I've been reading your posts regularly for a couple of years, and I'm very shocked that you'd go as nuts as a lib like this.

Paterno was told something by someone else. Not a single bit of information released has shown that he knew anyone was raping anyone else. He reported that he was told something by someone else.

Last I checked, it's innocent until proven guilty. Also, last I checked, only leftist scum want that reversed. And I know you're no leftist.

JJ said...

Joe Pa knew enough that he had to call the police. You don't go to your boss, you go to the police with this. Period. Then you let the boss know.

They had to know Sandusky was a perv having worked with the guy so closely. Too many red flags.

Joe Pa will be tied up in civil court for his retirement. The kids that were victims will be getting his retirement savings as compensation for him protecting his football program over their safety and well being while in facilities that were under his control. He will get what he deserves, and Sandusky will get what he deserves from his cell mates.

Guess who now gets to play the role of 10 year old in the State Pen. Sandusky can just reverse the words on his attire and use it as his prison uniform. Penn State to State Pen.

Firehand said...

It reminds me too much of the mess with the Catholic Church: you had people fully aware of what was going on who 'reported it to the proper authority' and let it go. Screw what had/would happen to the kids, "I did what was required, it's out of my hands now", etc. Report it to your boss, fine; you also report it to the police.

Yeah, I get kind of wound up about crap like this. Paterno had responsibilities as a human being far more important than taking care of the coaching staff, and he crapped on them. Yeah, he's innocent until proven guilty in court; we're not in court, I'm going by what information is available. And that says he effed-up. Bigtime.

Lacerna Nebulae said...

You know why I wouldn't go to the cops? Because I was unjustly accused by a girl(thankfully just to my mother), who said that I tried to rape her. The same girl tried to say before that I had threatened her with a knife. I was treated terribly until she finally broke down and admitted her lies.

So think about this one. You're told that a close person to you was seen having sex with a boy. First of all, you should ask why the HELL didn't the witness beat the shit out of the rapist? Turns out, the guy simply saw something suspicious, not criminal. In any case, you take the information to the police, it goes national, and then the guy is proven innocent. It's too late, he can't get a job anywhere, and now he's blown his brains out over it. Joe didn't eff up big time, he was caught in a position where everyone says "He should have done [fill in the blank]!" It's the same as fighting in a war... it's easier to say something than to be in that situation.

Firehand said...

From what I've read he heard more than 'I saw something that might not be right'. And his 'boss' didn't do what he should have, either; there's plenty of blame to go around.

There's definitely the worry of false accusation, I remember the absolute bullshit child abuse 'epidemic' that happened in the 80's; lives were destroyed in that garbage. But you can't just say "I told the Director, so I'm out." Especially considering the history I've been reading.

Firehand said...

I also have to point to two things: the student(at the time) who reported seeing a kid being raped damn well knew what would happen to him at the university if he went to the cops. Yeah, he should have anyway, but didn't.

Second, if ANYONE was going to get a kid-glove treatment in an investigation, it was these people; shouldn't be that way, but it is. Turns out there was a pattern of this behavior by this coach, but instead of going to the cops or at least throwing his ass out... and this is where it gets them.