Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Laser sights: something I'd noticed

but not really thought about, from comments at Marooned:
I've noticed that there is a distinctly different stance taken when firing over a laser as compared to using the iron sights. I find my head to be well elevated so as to have an unobstructed view of the target(s) and the laser dot and then I "shoot the dot". Trying to acquire a traditional sight picture with the traditional sights obstructs my view of the laser's aim point (which defeats the purpose of the thing IMO).
True. When using iron sights, especially at speed, my head tilts forward and down(which is a PITA with bifocals); when using the laser for aiming my head is a bit straighter and I'm looking much more over the sights so I have a clear view of the red dot. In bright light(outside range) you can't see the dot very well in any case but you can see the irons quite well and I focus on them*. In dim light(indoor range, especially some lanes) if I want to use the irons I have to either turn the laser off or make a point of not looking for the red dot; somewhat difficult because those light conditions are why I put the CT grips on in the first place. In-between light, seems to be fairly quick and easy to choose which to use.

I'll note that with a lot of pocket pistols there's not much conflict: you put the laser on it because the sights suck, and in anything but bright light you're point-shooting without it.

Will is right; definitely something to point out to a new shooter looking at sight options**, and- as Tam and others have pointed out- reason to tell said newbie not to get totally dependent on the dancing red dot, just in case the nice little coherent light gadget should decide to go tits-up on you at the worst possible time.

*First time son fired my Kimber he got through two magazines before I mentioned something about the laser and he realized it was on; his eyes are much better than mine and his proper focus on the front sight made the dot invisible to him. Little bastard was shooting quite well, too.

**A while back he put a set of Ashley Express sights on his pistol, the big dot ones; he loves them. I like my fiber-optic sights, but all things considered I'm going to have to look at a set.

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