Friday, July 22, 2011

Looks like Norway is finding out the hard way Updated

that being nice to jihadi-minded people does not get good results.
Car bomb, and somebody in a police uniform opening fire on a bunch of people at a youth camp. And the cops are saying they fear bombs at the camp. They're trying to decide if the two attacks are connected.

Update: looks like may not have been a RoP type after all. Surprising. I do have to wonder about possible follow-on attacks by such, considering the situation up there.

Added: there's some odd things floating around about the apparent dirtbag; assuming he wasn't simply a flake-brained nutcase, it's going to take a while to find out anything solid. I have to add: the Norwegian government has bent over backwards to avoid talking about crimes involving muslims in the past; if there is indeed a jihadi connection I don't doubt they'd do everything possible to ignore/downplay it. Link


Keith said...

Just heard the BBC news,

They're now talking about it being a little Timmy McVeigh type neo nazi.

The kids were at a socialist summer camp (like Scandanavian social democrats were ever "peaceful" - with their enforced sterilization and abduction of kids and families who fell foul of them).

Cui Bono?

Keith said...

Now they're saying he's a "Christian Fundamentalist"

Interesting to see the spin develop as the politicians make sure the people "didn't die in vain".

Crises going to waste and all that.

Firehand said...

I'm waiting; Norway has spent a lot of time & energy avoiding talking about big problems with muslim immigrants, and trying to prevent anyone in country from talking about it. So yeah, it wouldn't surprise me if they were currently talking up something else to cover it up as much as possible.

'Course, he might be an McVeigh-type; just that all the stuff added up points to a different direction.

Keith said...

Followed your link about the facebook profile changing after he was arrested.

A "Narrative of 2011" taking shape? a "tu quoque" showing that "christians are evil too, so they should just shut up while the new electorate is imported to replace them"?

Supposedly the perp is going to explain all in court on Monday. It will be interesting to find out if people who knew him recognise the voice that will be speaking the words in court...

"by whatever means necessary / the end (socialism) justifies the means"

Socialist leaderships have never been slow to eat their own in their pursuit of ever more power.

My current guess is the perp will turn out to be a nutter, but the spinning of it is very frightening.