Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What stupid politicians do instead of something

Otis Rolley said he would, if elected, propose a $1 per bullet tax on all bullet purchases in the city. The idea was part of an overall crime plan he unveiled Tuesday.
"This is not a revenue enhancement tool," Rolley said of the tax idea. "It's a 'make it difficult for you to buy bullets in the city' tool."
LinkYes, because everyone knows that evil people bent on mayhem are very careful to buy their ammo through legal outlets and pay their taxes. Just like they obey the 'felons can't possess firearms' laws and 'robbery and rape and murder are illegal' laws.

Gee, does he actually mean 'bullet' and the rest of the cartridge is somehow taxes separately at the previous rate? Or does he just not know what the hell he's talking about?

Friggin' moron.

Know what'd be funny? If this idiot were elected and got this passed, and Gura & Co. showed up to sue the city for making it prohibitively expensive for lots of honest people to get ammo for the arms they have the right to possess.


BobG said...

Is that tax applicable to law enforcement also?

Firehand said...

Be interesting if he forgot to exempt them...

"Oh, but WE buy our stuff from supplier 'X' in Georgia!" "Gee, so do I! Screw you, mayor!"