Thursday, July 21, 2011

Maybe he was a good cop once, but now

he's the kind of asshole who should not be allowed to wear a badge.

Found at Arms and the Law


Anonymous said...

I must commend the permit holder's self-control. I strongly suspect I would have gotten myself tuned up, or worse, due to my inability to deal with this individual's obvious power trip, and contempt for the citizens he's paid to serve.
I have to believe he will be dismissed from the police force, but my inner caveman hopes he gets no jail time, such that he becomes immediately available to those on the street who may wish to discuss his behavior while he's not wearing a badge!

Anonymous said...

Zeig Heil, Stormtroopers.

Hope you bastards get in a situation where you need a "citizen's" assistance.... and they just pass on by....