Saturday, July 23, 2011

Oh, Bleepin' Deity, you'd think these clowns could get their anthrax story straight...

Department lawyers created a stir in recent days, first by filing court papers that appeared to undercut the FBI's finding that the late Army scientist Bruce Ivins was the killer. The filings said Ivins had no access in a secure lab to the sophisticated equipment to produce the anthrax powder.

Four days later, the lawyers abruptly revised that statement to say he lacked access in his lab to a specific machine that could dry wet anthrax.

“I think it creates a great deal of problems for the government,” said Paul Kemp, who represented Ivins before his 2008 suicide.

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wasiech said...

There's a lawsuit against the lab for letting him get the stuff. To undercut the suit the lawyers tried to say the guy couldn't get what the feebies said he did.