Thursday, July 21, 2011

Two things this morning:

First, I have a hard time believing the fire department in someplace like San Francisco does not already have any equipment or training for cold-water work.

Second, I'm really sick of someone dismissing information entirely because "It came from Faux News!" They can't point out where the information is actually wrong or something, but that they assume that's where you got it, or heard Fox did a story on it, is all it takes in their mind to dismiss it entirely.
But Media Matters and such is considered an unimpeachable source of information...



PISSED said...

The Foxnews one is SOOO true.. My Friend has libtards as neighbors and as soon as we start arguing politics and noting facts they instantly say.."Oh you probably heard that on fauxnews, they lie all the time"


Sigivald said...


Even better, I get accused of being brainwashed by Fox News... despite never watching it.

Keith said...

The logical fallacy of "poisoning the well":